“When people are yearning for purpose in their work, opportunity in their community, and authenticity in the voices they hear, along comes Tabitha Scott to help light the way. ”

— Randall Powell, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Kansas City

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Powering Change The Hidden Resource To Unleash Potential, Productivity, & Profits

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Powering Change

The Hidden Resource To Unleash Potential, Productivity, & Profits

Change management is a myth. What worked for leaders in the past cannot successfully guide us into the future, and adaptability at today’s accelerated pace of change cannot be achieved with traditional business methods. Just “going faster” is no longer enough.

What if you had the secret to unleashing greater potential, productivity, and profits that flow with change instead of chasing it?

Drawing upon over 20 years of ground-breaking innovation leadership and research, Tabitha A. Scott’s Powering Change book reveals the competitive edge already flowing within your organization and how to tap into its hidden current to propel your business to new heights.

Blending lessons from physics, bioscience, and nature with intriguing organizational research, engaging business case studies, and current statistics, Powering Change reveals how to:

  • Boost productivity and profits in the face of constant, unpredictable change using the laws of nature and growth
  • Discover the hidden potential in resources you already have
  • Assess, align, and adapt talent to what energizes them most through the Human Dynamics Framework
  • Transform tired team members into connected, directed, and empowered contributors
  • Stop chasing change and flow with it instead

Powering Change provides a new lens that will forever transform the way you look at engagement, resource optimization, innovation, and strategy.

Trust Your Animal Instincts Recharge Your Life & Ignite Your Power

Trust Your Animal Instincts
Recharge Your Life & Ignite Your Power

If you’re struggling to stay positive, you’re not alone. The pace of change and the nonexistent norm make us feel off-balance, burned out, and disconnected. Despite your best efforts to keep up, the pace accelerates, and the finish line moves further away. 

Exhausted from trying to please everyone, including herself, Tabitha Scott quit her job, gave away most of her belongings, and lived near a remote jungle in Costa Rica. Teetering between the wilderness there and the jungle back home, clarity and freedom emerged, along with a passion to share her insights with others. 

  • Identify personal insulators, harmful pressures, and negativity leading to burnout
  • Reconnect to your intuition for direction and renewed purpose 
  • Defend against energetic attacks and maintain positivity
  • Learn how to reignite your life and tap into unbridled joy and unconditional love

There’s no need to travel across the world to discover your personal power — just take a journey through this book.

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voices of healthcare

Voices of Healthcare:
Chapter on digital opportunities and financial disincentives 

Unlike other cultures, Western Medicine views a person’s energy and spirituality as being separate and unrelated from illness, yet it is actually the source of our health. 

Quantum science proves all living things are made of energy, so understanding the source of our thoughts and physical manifestations is paramount to proper care and diagnoses. Every human cell has a healthy frequency. When it’s out of sync, we feel off-balance, develop disease, or function less than optimally. By not acknowledging energy as the foundation of our health, we miss the opportunity to accelerate healing naturally versus artificially. 

Further, energy is the basis of biochemistry. I like Candace Pert, PhD’s work outlined in Molecules of Emotion. She does a great job of providing scientific evidence to support that emotions are the source of physical manifestations. Think of the simplest examples—you are frightened, then your body produces the rush of adrenaline. Or feeling embarrassed and the physical manifestation of blushing. Western Medicine hasn’t embraced the fact that many disorders result from stress, disconnection, and any number of energetic roots.