Every company wants to improve profitability. The language of the dollar is spoken around the world. There are thousands of studies that prove diversity increases our chance for long term survival and success. Think about it ecologically, the more variation in a forest, or among a species, the better its chances to thrive over time. Consider an investment portfolio, increased diversity means reduced risk. If every good leader or manager knows this, then why are we seeing mixed results with our diversity efforts? 

Let’s admit it. The range of emotions stirred by the mere word “diversity” range from empowerment to resentment. Our society has become diversity fatigued with its ongoing attempts to drive equality based on demographics—ethnicity, gender, age etc. But, what if we had tools that avoid traditional bias while increasing diversity? We do! 

Let’s look at the face of diversity differently—through the lens of how we think.  If we want real change, we need to present positive solutions that improve respect and diversity for everyone, and that are relevant and actionable.  Cognitive-based tools have been around for decades, but until now have not been used effectively to align employee strengths with organizational strategy. 

New tools, like the AEM Cube model, identify how people are naturally energized, show the S-Curve of leadership team dynamics, and identify gaps in corporate strategy. Companies that align employee strengths with their desired strategy have more engaged team members, less burnout, increased productivity, greater agility, and yes–they make more money. According to the Harvard Business Review, these tools, like the Human Insights’ AEM Cube, make for smart business. And, remember the strengths from diversity of all types also equates to dollars.

Tabitha A. Scott CEM, CDSM, Founder & CEO Powering Potential