Powering PotentialFeeling Like a Hamster on the Wheel of Life Gamify Your Workday to Start Making Progress

Are you frustrated with the same old routines and demands but feel powerless to jump off the circuit? Do you find yourself feeling tired or unproductive? Try this life hack of gamifying your workday to get moving powerfully again. While we may live in a virtual world, embracing action in a way you enjoy helps ignite your natural sources of energy and wellbeing. Don’t overthink happiness! Just make a quick list of things you enjoy actively doing, then use them as little rewards throughout the day.

Find motivation, wellness, and balance by gamifying your workday. Here’s how:

  • Set mini goals throughout the day. Stop focusing on the entire month, week, or even day—the pace of change moves way too fast for that. Instead, set a goal by mid-morning, another by lunchtime, and a third by mid-afternoon. “I’ll respond to 10 requests before my break, I’ll make that call I’ve been putting off by lunch, and I’ll finish this report by mid-afternoon.”
  • Use little “rewards” for each success. Keep it simple! A reward could be spending 5 minutes with your pet, playing an instrument, doing a quick stretch routine, watching funny videos, or running around the block. Just choose anything that makes you feel happy. Within a few days, you’ll find yourself becoming more motivated with this gamified workday—looking forward to the next little boost.

This technique works because science proves doing the things you love raises your energy levels, provides balance, and creates wellness.  The more you practice activities that energize you, the higher vibe you’ll have throughout the day.

Take the leap off that low vibe hamster wheel of feeling trapped, overwhelmed, or bored and start moving ahead more powerfully!

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